General Overview

OptimusRise was made with the best tokenomics to ensure absolute pumpage on the binance smart chain. The product has 2 main features which would be buybacks and burns. Burns are simple and secure, the contract has been set to take a small percentage of liquidity and use the bnb retrieved to buy and burn ORE. Buybacks are set off every 3 hours to also increase the price floor. Both features can be done manually but have also been hard coded to restrict developers from abusing the contract.


Marketing – 2%
Liquidity fee= 5%
Buyback fee = 2%
Dev fee = 1%

Marketing – 2%
Liquidity fee= 9%
Buyback fee = 2%
Dev fee = 1%


The contract will be locked for 1 month initially to ensure the code works how its meant to in a non simulated environment and after a week, the lock will be extended to 6 months

The contract has hard coded features to ensure that it can’t be abused or rug pulled , such as, limiting manual burn percentages to a max of 10% every 24 hours and can be only used once every 24 hours. Limiting tax increase to a max of 25% which was initially put for the first 24 hours. Bnb for buy backs wil be locked in the contract and can only be used to buy ORE. Finally, the new liquidity generated will go straight to a dead address

The contract has been audited by certik and skynet will be live later down the line

Other Initiaves Taken

We ensure at the start of the launch to add max buys cooldowns so people don’t pick up a huge supply of the tokens at a very cheap price

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